Are you an insurance broker and haven’t yet found the right solution for your client ?
Then let’s work together !

As a specialist in the management of specific unconventional risks, we can help you come up with an optimal solution for your client.
Like you, we are independent brokers. This means that we act first and foremost in the interests of our clients, looking for the best solution at the best price. But as a broker specialised exclusively in Special Risks, we are not active in traditional insurance segments, such as home, vehicle or hospitalisation insurance. We thus dovetail with you !

What can we offer you :

• Unique expertise in the management of specific risks
• Access to specialised insurance companies
• Support in the case of any claim

With both of us working together to offer optimal solutions, you can enhance your relationship with your clients. In concrete terms, this means that you maintain the contact to your clients, while we help you in our specialist capacity, with both of us sharing the proceeds.
Don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to provide you with information and help you come up with the best solutions for your clients.

Areas of specialisation


» Personal injury insurance for amateurs and professionals
» Material damage insurance (car races, sailing races, etc.)
» Contractual bonus insurance


» Cancellation insurance (adverse weather, terrorism, etc.)
» Third-party liability insurance for event organisers
» Image Protect insurance, covering injuries to participants


» Warranty & Indemnity insurance
» Insurance of specific risks (Tax or Contingent Risk)


» Life insurance (Family – inheritance tax)
» Others

Marketing boost

» Over-redemption insurance
» Prize Indemnity insurance


» Insurance of an activity against the negative impact of adverse weather (precipitation/temperature)

We insure all types of risks.

Ask us your question!