is all about taking risks !
Tolrip optimises your risk-taking, thereby ensuring your success.

Tolrip, your partner for specific risk management

You know better than anyone else that taking risks is an integral part of your activity.
To be successful, you have to be prepared to take risks. By the way, the word ‘risk’ comes from the Latin ‘risicare’, which means ‘to dare’.
An independent insurance broker specialised in the management of specific risks, Tolrip is there to help you optimise your risk-taking thanks to its unique risk management approach.
We will help you identify, gauge and cover the risks inherent to your activities.
Remember: the optimal management of your risks can help you make progress and enjoy success, with complete confidence.

Partnership offers

Are you an insurance broker and haven’t yet found the right solution for your client ?
Then let’s work together !
As a specialist in the management of specific unconventional risks, we can help you come up with an optimal solution for your client.

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We insure all types of risks.

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