A risk management specialist at the service of your projects

Tolrip is your partner in the management of specific risks associated with your activities. A family business established more than 25 years ago by René Pirlot and now with son Christophe at his side, Tolrip relies on its unique expertise, personal service and strong values.


Would you sometimes like to know what the future holds in store for you and your activities, being able to anticipate the risks threatening them? This would allow you to take the right decisions without being afraid of the consequences of ill-assessed risks.
This is exactly where Tolrip can help you. We are there to help you optimise your risk-taking. Our approach is based on identifying the risk, gauging it and finding appropriate coverage. Based on a proper understanding of your goals, your ambitions and any constraints you might face, we will come up with the insurance solutions best suited to your needs and your budget.


Identifying and assessing the specific (non-conventional) risks with which you are confronted.

Covering certain risks with specific tailor-made insurance solutions.

Defending your interests vis-à-vis insurance companies in the case of any claim.

Added value

Unique expertise
Tolrip has in-depth knowledge of the non-conventional insurance market, the regulations in force and the players active in the market. Based on 25 years of experience, this expertise allows us to advise you on the right strategy to adopt to cover your specific risks. We are there at your side to help you implement optimal solutions.

Privileged access to the markets for specific insurance coverage
Our experience gives us privileged access to top international specialist insurance companies.

Personal service
Your situation is unique, not resembling any other. We will come up with innovative insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

Independence, integrity and trust
Our work is based on strong values.
We do everything to protect your interests, seeking to optimise your insurance coverage and keep all costs transparent.

We insure all types of risks.

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