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For an event to be a success, an organiser needs to dare to take risks !
Risk is an integral part of organising any event. Whether a conference, a show or a sports event, whether corporate or cultural … even the smallest incident or any cancellation due to something outside your control (a fire, a terrorist threat or bad weather) can have severe consequences on the event’s success, the budget and on the organisers’ image.
A true expert in the management of event-related risks, we will help you optimise your risk-taking.
We are there to discuss with you all issues related to your event, looking at the possible risks, each party’s liabilities and the consequences of any incident.
We will then offer you a tailor-made solution allowing you to concentrate on making your event a success, without any worries.

Our insurance solutions in the field of event organisation:

• Cancellation insurance
• Third-party liability insurance for event organisers
• Individuelle accident – Image Protect

Cancellation insurance

You are insured against your event being cancelled or postponed
There are ways to prevent any financial loss in the case of your not being able to hold the event: various forms of cancellation insurance. The aim of a tailor-made cancellation insurance contract is to cover you against the risk of a substantial financial loss in the case of the event being cancelled or postponed due to a circumstance beyond your control (such as a fire at the event venue).

The base cancellation coverage can be extended in various ways, dependent on your needs:




Cancellation due to an act of terrorism or a terrorist threat (declared by the public authorities).

National Mourning

Cancellation die to National Mourning declared by the public authorities (including terrorism).

Bad weather

For open-air events, cancellation due to bad weather (rain, wind, storms, etc.).

Non-appearance (no-show)

Cancellation due to the unavailability of the artist or a key person due to illness or something else (e.g. transport problems)

Low spectator figures

Cancellation due to the absence of more than 30% of spectators due to a unique cause

Communicable disease

Cancellation due to quarantine measures with regard to a communicable disease.

Material damage

Damage to equipment or facilities

The amount insured corresponds:
» To the costs of the event: all organising costs are covered
» Or to the event’s revenue: in addition to the costs, your profits are also covered

If necessary, we can round off this cancellation insurance with:
» “Third-party liability for event organisers”, covering any material damage or physical injury caused to third parties by the organiser
» “Image Protect” coverage for the participants, in the case of physical injury

Third-party liability for event organisers

An insurance policy covering any damage caused to third parties

As an event organiser, you can be held liable in the case of any incident or accident occurring during one of the events you organise from time to time. Liability extends both to physical injury and material damage to third parties.

This can involve physical injury or material damage to participants, visitors, exhibitors, etc. in the context of, for instance, a concert, an exhibition or a trade fair. Your association and its employees, whether working on a paid or voluntary basis, are also covered for any damage caused to third parties at your event.

Image Protect

An insurance policy covering the organiser’s direct liability and thus your reputation

As an event organiser, an Image Protect policy can be taken out as a complement to a third-party liability policy. In the case of the event agency going bankrupt or in the case of a serious physical accident occurring during the course of the event or its preparation, the head of the event-organising company may be held personally responsible. This risk is covered by an “Image Protect” policy, i.e. protecting the image and reputation of the organiser in such cases. The policy also covers the organiser’s personal assets in the context of any accident.

We insure all types of risks.

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